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Burlap Ottomans

The Burlap Coffee Bean Ottomans were inspired by the idea of taking materials from other uses and down cycling into beautiful creations. When visiting my favorite coffee house in Folsom, Sightglass Coffee Company, my eyes caught a pile of empty un-roasted Coffee Bean Bags. Sightglass coffee house roast all of their own beans, providing a special flavor that has yet to be duplicated. All the bag designs are worldly and rustic. Providing inspiration for what would come is sometimes easy when you see something that deserves to be transformed or altered to suite your personal vision. With this durable material the ideas were endless of what could be done. It was an Ottoman we decided would be most useful, showcasing extra seating in small spaces or patios that could use an extra design element. We created many different designs with the burlap bags representing countries around the world who produce the Coffee Bean.

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