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about milepost24
Change your interior. Change your perspective. Change your life. 

We all have mileposts in our lives. They are our history, our family, our friends and communities. They are memories, experiences and collected treasures. Sometimes it is the journey, sometimes it’s the destination. 


When creating a name for our company we began to look inward and back through important moments in our lives. One moment in particular stood out for me, my birth, which took place off the Mckenzie Highway at Milepost 24. 


This company brings together artists, designers and creatives of all kinds to produce spaces, furniture and home goods that are unique and meaningful to our clients. The products and environments we design are special to us, we know how impactful a thoughtfully created space can be. It all begins with you, our clients, our customers, our inspiration. It begins with your life, your memories and your future. It begins at Milepost24.  - Kania

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