Kania Edelberg

Kania Edelberg has over 15 years of experience in the furniture business, creating custom furniture, producing floor plans specific to client needs, and developing color schemes. However, Kania’s love affair with furniture dates back all the way to her childhood, when her grandparents opened up an antique store in Connecticut. She honed her interior design skills staging high-end houses for her father’s real estate business in Miami, and essentially has spent her entire life beautifying homes. Kania’s other passion is Environmental Conservancy. Having studied 

Environmental Law in college, she proudly helped put the Fender’s Blue Butterfly on the endangered species list, and taught Environmental Science to middle school children with AmeriCorps. This enthusiasm is evident in Kania’s furnishing choices, as she is always striving for sustainability, reuse, and zero carbon impact in her artistry. She was one of the first furniture makers to remove the flame retardant TB117 from her sofa line, making her an environmental leader in her industry. Her own unique personal design aesthetic is eclectic with an emphasis on natural elements and vintage finds, although she adds a distinctly modern flair to her style. Kania is the owner of Funky Furniture in Oakland, but you’re most likely to find her rummaging through the Alameda Point Antiques Fair, searching for her next inspiration. 



Mila Maxey has over 12 years of design experience working for 3 very successful interior design/architect firms and independently .  Her positions include designer and project manager for high-end residential and commercial projects.  Mrs. Maxey's  expertise is in project management, space planning, budgeting, forecasting, cost control and furniture and material selection.  Above all, Mrs. Maxey is a dynamic, creative individual and who will be able to find you the unique pieces your looking for.  She has successfully stayed on target both in budgets and deadlines.  She is attentive and great at working with her clients to provide a beautiful aesthetic whether it be modern, contemporary and/or traditional.  Meeting her clients needs in any style. Mila received a degree in psychology at SFSU.  She has also completed postgraduate course work in AutoCAD.  On her own time Mila enjoys finding unique distressed furniture and accessories and revamping them. 



Mila Maxey
Christopher Au

Christopher Au graduated from the University of California at Davis with a B.S. in Interior Architecture. Since then, he has been an independent interior designer for both commercial and residential spaces, a seasonal decorator, and also a retail design consultant. Christopher’s design philosophy is to create chic design that has an element of friendliness and levity, grounded in modernism. He achieves this through his expertise in color theory, aptitude for space planning, and keen eye for form, function, and pattern. The ability to interpret a          client’s style is the key to a successful room and he prides himself on using this skill to elevate the status of a room. Christopher’s love of art and design started in middle school, when he began collecting comics and drawing. The kinetic energy and color of this pop art inspired his artistic sensibilities and he continues to infuse energy and color into his spaces.

Britney Stanley
Aishah Farooki

Aishah Farooki graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelors of Science in Architecture. She's been enthusiastic about interior design since her early years, and truly appreciated the broad umbrella of design and aesthetics that her architectural training provided.  After graduation, she moved to Boston and worked at a large architectural firm, getting exposure to big, complex projects at historical institutions. She also worked at a smaller firm, which focused on modern/contemporary residential projects. She found her way back to interior design when 

she collaborated closely with her principal on the interior design aspects of all projects which ranged from residential to restaurants and hotels. She has experience in space planning, materials and textile selection, color coordination and schemes, fixture and hardware selection, lighting design, furniture selection, art selection and placement, as well as designing interior architectural detailing (e.g. built-ins, banquettes, cabinetry, etc.).  Aishah prides herself on listening sincerely to her clients needs and desires, and incorporating their style into a complete yet paired down, aesthetically modern solution.


Alison Bockman has been working in the design field for over 15 years, combining a background in interiors, sustainable design, photography and the arts.   She loves to design spaces in all styles but is particularly drawn to a more contemporary and eclectic aesthetic. With a background in “green” design, she is well versed in the many environmental and health benefits of sustainable and non-toxic materials.  Alison is also currently working in the kitchen and bath design world, designing with modern European cabinetry and clean, contemporary 

lines.  Alison always takes a very sincere and personable approach with every client, discovering their individual needs, desires and expectations to create their ideal living environment.  Her goal is to always provide an inspiring, collaborative experience where not only is the client’s design vision fully realized, but the design process is enjoyed.  When Alison is not working, she loves traveling with her husband to regions like Panama, Thailand and Sweden, gaining inspiration from the amazingly distinct cultures, architecture and beauty around the world. Bachelor in Fine Arts, California College of the Arts

Certification in Interior Architecture & Design, UC Berkeley Extension



Alison Bockman
Eric Soto-Gates

Eric Soto-Gates is our e-commerce developer and marketer.  Having over a decade of expert experience in administration, wholesaling, online sales, and procedural development and implementation.  Eric brings an additional quality of professionalism to our community.  "I like to keep things simple, and reduce the task into simple components.  I try and understand our customer first.  Then we use those needs and goals to better serve and connect with our customer."  Eric has lived and worked in the NW for most of his adult life, traveling, volunteering, hiking, kayaking and exploring the great outdoors.  He brings a unique perspective to our team, helping us to create more e-commerce connections by executing online product sales, marketing and product placement.  "Style and Design are everywhere, within each of us we bring different colors, fabrics, and textures to create our spaces that surround us.”



Britney Stanley has been obsessed with the idea of home since childhood. A native of northern California, she is inspired by local culture, landscape and visual history. Her life-long interest in furniture, art, and architecture led to a Bachelors Degree in Interior Design in 2012. After being immersed in the San Francisco Bay Area design industry for over ten years, specializing in high-end furnishings, textiles and residential design, she has the ability to identify root problems quickly by asking clients the right questions in order to find honest solutions. Her experience in textiles and close-contact residential design created a designer capable of pulling together thoughtful, functional spaces that truly reflect the individual client. She began working independently in early 2015 in order to utilize all of her diverse skills while creating spaces that clients daydream about going home to. A designer of all things, she also works in web design, graphic design and photography. She also runs a custom illustration business that benefits local animal shelters and rescues. Britney brings a high level of creativity and passion to every project she takes on, so you can be sure that she’s falling asleep at night thinking of your furniture. 

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Marie Clare Dozois

Marie Claire finds great importance in surrounding herself in things that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also meaningful, and looks forward to helping you do the same.

When she walks into a space she sees what can complement the walls and surfaces but also sees the windows as picture frames waiting to be filled.

Whether you are interested in adding accents that breathe fresh life into a room or to reimagine a larger outdoor area, Marie Claire learns about you and what you want to achieve with your space to deliver a unique display with your aesthetic, daily routine, and interests in mind.

Plants and plant homes are chosen with intention to meet your desired look and feel. She chooses hardware with the philosophy that plants can be a wonderful marker of a time, place, person or memory. If you fondly remember a willow in your childhood yard, you can have a tiny willow to wake to and warm you with that feeling of home. Perhaps you vacationed in a lush forest and taking a few moments in a curated sanctuary patio reminds you of that calmer time during your busy day to day. Every plant and plantscape can be purposeful and sentimental.