Hi All,

After a busy spring at milepost I feel that it's time for a proper introduction. My name is Mila Maxey - I'm the Lead Designer, Project Manager, and Co-Owner of this great adventure we call milepost24. I would like to take the opportunity today to tell you about myself and begin giving all of you some fun and creative design tips.

I was born in Argentina to my Argentine mother and Peruvian father, I am 4' 11" tall, a blessed mother of two gorgeous little girls, and am happily married to a fabulous husband.

My true passion for design began to flourish under the leadership of a thoughtful mentor who possessed a superlative eye and great attention to detail. For someone who grew up with a natural interest in design this was truly a formative relationship. It pushed me to grow professionally and in time I learned to re-purpose, reinvent, and re-use furniture.

Also, my experience moving to this country as a young girl growing up in a modest household of seven has greatly contributed to my mentality as a waste-not designer. I come from a family of doers, craftspeople, and artists; I feel all of these qualities have transcended down into my professional skill-set, which enables me to best identify what my clients truly need.

It's fair to say that if I hadn't gone in interior design, I would probably have become a handy woman. I genuinely enjoy the tactile sensation of working with my hands. When I see sub-contractors working on a project, I yearn to do what they do. Funny perhaps, but who doesn't like to lay down tile and watch it all align perfectly?

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